Information for Members

Nov 26th 2014
Ripples Meetings

Informal meetings of members are being held in the following areas Portishead,Bristol and Trowbridge
These meetings supplement the four main meetings and are useful for sorting out AV problems in small groups.
For more information contact the Website and I will direct you to a Group or Groups.

Recently the Club purchased the following Beckham DVD,s
Anyone interested in loaning the CD,s will be able to do so after the February Meeting where Brenda Sparrow will be organising the system

What's New in 8 (4 hours plus)
Essentials and Deluxe, The Time Line, New ways to fade sound, Linking Commentary,
Editing Music via Time Line, Dynamic Blur via Keyframes, Frames and Colour Adjustment,
Slide Styles (Creating, Applying, Importing and Export), Creating Templates, Video Speed Options, Miscellaneous, Slide Styles Continued.

A Quick Start Video Guide to P2E8 (2 hours 40 mins)
Video Introduction, Quick-start Guide Part 1, Quick-start Guide Part 2, Image Size Photoshop, Image Size Elements, Image Size Lightroom, Quick start Guide Continued,
PTE Preferences, Creating a Template, Basic Animation, Create a DVD, Tips and Tricks.

Command and Control
The File List, The S;lide List and Time Line, The Navigation Bar, A Manual Slide Show,
Creator Controlled Show, A Viewer Controlled Show, Creating Templates, Setting up Start-Up Screens, Viewer Controlled with Music, Manual show + Auto show Combined, Copyright Protection Notice, Time Limited Use Options, Password Protection, PTE8 as a menu System.

Basic Animation
Basics of Animation, Zooming in or out, Understanding Keyframes and Keyframe time, Gently Panning an image, Identifying Image Size, Multiple Keyframes, Dealing with Keyframe Speed Options, Many full screen demos, Palnning your animation and more.

Understanding Slide Styles
Video Introduction, Understanding Styles, Slide Duration, Scaling of Keyframes, General Slide Style Info, Style Zoom Options, Creating Slide Styles, Location and Back-Up, Multi Image Slide Styles, Styles and Artwork, Slide Styke Derivatives + Slide Show demos + Slide Styles.

Using Video
The basics of Video, Adding full HD Video, Optimizing your video, Trimming Video length, Video Used from Go-Pro, Canon SLR, Compact Camera, Reducing resolution, Editing Video Sound, Muting Video Sound, Video in Video, Dealing with off-set, Master Video Track + Demos.

Picture in Picture
Introduction, Static Picture in Picture (using image editor), Static Picture in picture (using P2E), Animated Picture in Picture, Using Smart Objects, Clipping Groups, Scattered Pictures, Automation via Actions, Demos, Slide Show Samples

WCPF and PAGB Newsletters

As from August 2014 Jenny will not be sending e mails to Members re the above Newsletters.
They can be viewed by going to the Links page and clicking on the appropriate entry