Newsletter No. 86

08th July 2017
Newsletter No. 86

Review of meeting on May 14 2017
This was our AGM which is traditionally not well attended. However this year the attendance was good and we were able to welcome three new members and a visitor. The meeting commenced with a minutes silence to remember Maureen Albright who had been a long time dedicated member of Waves and of the RPS.

The formal AGM was concluded quickly and we finished the morning with the sequences from the annual challenge. There were quite a few entries and they were entertaining and varied.

The audience vote for first place was for a sequence by a new member, Roger Holman entitled “Water Meadows” this was an emotive photo harmony sequence following the seasons on the Somerset Wetlands which everyone enjoyed. A close second was “In the Beginning” by Clive Rathband - all the photographs were close up sections of a glass paperweight, although we only began to identify this at the very end. Third place went to “Come Rain or Shine by Richard Ramsay. Congratulations to all entrants for meeting the challenge so well.

The choice of titles for next year’s challenge are –

1 Bizarre
2 A Day Out.

The afternoon session started with a request from Robert Allbright - If anyone is considering applying for PAGB awards and distinctions in May 2018 please express an interest to the PAGB. If insufficient interest is shown by December this year the May assessments will be cancelled.

There then followed a selection of members sequences.

1. A True Rendition by Robert Allbright

Does the detailed accuracy (‘specificity’) of the camera make it untruthful? The history of visual culture shows that painters have always used tools to interpret truth; at first they used the glass lens and the camera obscura. Art photographers follow a long tradition; they bring to their subject personal emotions and responses - ’the subject is yourself.’ That's part of the alchemy of art, how an artist can transform one thing into another. This skill is employed by both photographers and painters to express their true feelings and values.

2. London by Heather Bennett

Having joined Wantage AV group in January, I took the plunge to make my first AV, using the many images of London I possess. For the music I decided on a song by Barry Manilow recorded in 1980.

3. Dad rides on by Anne Logan

This sequence was recently highly commended at the WCPF AV competition.

4. Diving in the Red Sea by Allan Edwards

5. White Water by Richard Ramsay

This sequenced comprised of images taken at two white water canoeing events held in Cardiff and at the Olympic course at Lee Valley.

6. From Haytor Rocks to the Sea by Peter Budd

This sequence was recently commended at the WCPF AV competition and records the 18 mile route taken to carry granite, quarried on Haytor on Dartmoor, down to Teignmouth where it was loaded on to ships carrying it to London for the construction of London Bridge, The British Museum and the National Gallery. The route comprised a railway constructed of granite that ran from Haytor rocks to Ventford and then the Stover canal to the river Teign and on to Teignmouth. This unique transport system was in use between 1820 and 1860.

7. Memories of Charnia by Peter Budd

A short photo-harmony of images taken on the many visits I made to this beautiful city in Crete.

8. Shakespeare at Waves by John Long

This was the first shown at the 2010 theme day and as quite a lot of work had gone into it, I thought it might be an idea to make the members suffer by showing it again! Seriously, as we have a number of new members, so I considered it might be a “filler” if there was time to show it.

9. A Shakespeare quotation for the 2017 Theme Day by John Long

I looked at a website which gave details of a number of Shakespeare’s most famous quotations and decided on “Frailty – thy name is Woman” This was a “tongue in cheek” effort and showed the results of a portrait session with a girl called Tara. It started with fairly pleasing poses, then she became rather aggressive showing fists to the camera also rather angry poses with outstretched hands like talons. The final images asked the question “So Mr. Shakespeare, would you consider this woman as frail?

We next saw the 3 sequences entitled Inspired by the Landscape, Adelstrop and The Vision by Peter Rose which earned him a CPAGB. Finally, Clive and Joan Rathband are digitizing the AV collection of Sir George Pollock and showed us one of his early works. The pictures may be old but it still showed us the standard we all want to achieve.

Several of our new members have been asking for a definition of photo-harmony details below -
Photo Harmony
Photo Harmony is intended to demonstrate skill in the production and visual progression of still images linked to sound. No words or story with a specific beginning, middle and ending are required. The emphasis is on matching the images with appropriate transitions and harmonising them with the sound. Video clips are not allowed in the sequence.
The purpose is to display a set of images which harmonise with each other and with the sound used. The sequence should be constructed so that images progress harmoniously in terms of colour or tone and graphic design. The aim is not to display images which may be excellent when considered individually but which fail to harmonise with each other and with the sound chosen. It is recommended that the sound and the images start and finish together and that the original ending of the music is preserved rather than an arbitrary fade-out.
As with all techniques, digital manipulation can easily be overdone and result in an effect counter-productive to the one intended. Such modifications should be carefully matched to the overall concept being communicated by the images.

And finally the next meeting will be on Saturday 12th August.

The Three Wisemen of the Committee