Updated 12/10/2016

12th August 2017


A potted history! - I've been keen on photography for as long as I can remember, initially with Kodak Box Brownie and various Instamatics, before graduating on to a Yashica SLR in my student years. This turned into an active hobby when I discovered the world of Camera Clubs in the mid 1980's, joining Cam & Dursley Camera Club (now re-christened Tyndale Photography Club).

Following a move to South Wales I became a member of Bridgend Camera Club for a short while, before another move led me to Wantage Camera Club, where I was a member for twenty eight years before finally moving to Devon and joining my current club, Exmouth Photo Group. Along the way I became fascinated by audio-visual presentations, and have specialised in this branch of photography in addition to general club work.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society, and achieved LRPS with slides in 1982, ARPS with slide/tape AV in 1992, and FRPS in AV in 2003. I was honoured to be awarded the very first Fellowship with a panel of digitally-projected sequences. Since then I have been a member of the AV / Multimedia Distinctions Panel over an extended period. I was also Chairman of the RPS International Audio-Visual Festival until standing down in 2015. In October 2016 I was elected Vice-President of the Western Counties Photographic Federation, and I'm delighted to serve on the Executive of the federation that my very first camera club belonged to (and still does).

I have lectured at various events throughout the UK, with the occasional journey across the water to Northern and Southern Ireland, the Netherlands and Australia. I've had some successes at AV Festivals both at home and abroad, with the occasional Gold Medal, Silver medal and category awards. This has led me to achieve an AV-AFIAP in 2012 having built up the required number of acceptances in countries across the world.

I have also been active within the PAGB, achieving DPAGB with a panel of AV sequences in 2005, and MPAGB in 2007, which again was the first one to be awarded with a digitally projected submission. I am also a member of the PAGB Adjudication Panel for Merit Awards in AV. In May 2016 I was delighted to be presented with an APAGB award for meritorious service within PAGB clubs and regions. I have judged numerous AV competitions

On the day several people will be asked to bring in laptops with PTE installed a download link will be supplied so that all of the required files can be put on the laptops in readiness. Ian will then do a ‘walkthrough’ of creating an AV sequence on the big screen, with the laptop users following. Three of four people will be clustered around each laptop so that they can take it in turns to follow the instructions. Ian will demonstrate various techniques such as:

Optimising a video clip
Using a mask
Motion effects
Voice recording
Creating an icon (Photoshop will be needed for this one)

11th November 2017

"A Day with Sheila" - Sheila Haycox ARPS, MPAGB/AV, EFIAP

Sheila will be showing some of her MPAGB AVs and talk about how she went about it plus some new work and will take questions from the floor”.

Sheila started making AV’s when the Grandchildren were young doing short sequences of their days out and only putting music to them they liked. These were very well received and even now the grandchildren, although grown up, occasionally watch some of the AV’s which brings about a lot of hilarity. I suspect that these AVs will be kept and played as long as technology allows. This developed and having so many images Sheila tries to put together a variety of AV’s mainly used to entertain Clubs when she does presentations.

10th February 2018

Annual General Meeting and Theme Day

Theme day this year will be an AV no longer than 4 mins, choosing from
"Bizarre" or "A Day Out"