Updated 27/10/2017

11th November 2017

"A Day with Sheila" - Sheila Haycox ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, MPAGB-AV

Sheila will be showing some of her MPAGB AVs and talk about how she went about it plus some new work and will take questions from the floor”.

Sheila started making AV’s when the Grandchildren were young doing short sequences of their days out and only putting music to them they liked. These were very well received and even now the grandchildren, although grown up, occasionally watch some of the AV’s which brings about a lot of hilarity. I suspect that these AVs will be kept and played as long as technology allows. This developed and having so many images Sheila tries to put together a variety of AV’s mainly used to entertain Clubs when she does presentations.

Sheila will not only be showing some of her AVs but will also go through how she constructs an AV she's working on, demonstrating how to use the P2E Timeline to combine the tracks for music, narration and ambient sounds.

17th February 2018

Annual General Meeting and Theme Day

Theme day this year will be an AV no longer than 4 mins, choosing from
"Bizarre" or "A Day Out"

Future Meetings:

19th May 2018

The Committee Entertains - To give the members the opportunity to see what the Committee gets up to when not carrying out their Committee duties!

11th August 2018

Clive and Joan Rathband

Clive and Joan look forward to seeing and commenting on member's sequences. If members could send their sequences to Clive and Joan by the 28th July 2018, they will willingly give a more detailed evaluation.

Besides showing some of their sequences they will demonstrate the more creative aspects of AV e.g. Third images.

Clive and Joan are also digitising some of the best AV's produced by Sir George and Lady Doreen Pollock. Depending on the progress with this project it is planned to show some of these sequences.

If any member who experienced Clive and Joan's first presentation a couple of years ago would like them to repeat any aspect of it, or if there is anything else you would like them to speak about, then please ask them or any member of the committee and they will pass on your questions.

Further details will be posted nearer the date.

10th November 2018

Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB

“My World of AV”

Howard will be showing some of his more recent AVs with some background into how they were made. He will also look at some specific aspects of AV production including sound editing and video production. Requests for specific areas to be addressed would be welcome.