Updated 27/10/2017

Future Meetings:

19th May 2018

The Committee Entertains - To give the members the opportunity to see what the Committee gets up to when not carrying out their Committee duties!

11th August 2018

Alan Boothman DPAGB, AFIAP - Alan has been making AVs for around 15 years. Having not been involved in the slide-tape era, and with a distant musician background, the emphasis in many of his sequences is on the soundtrack and visual movement. A range of his AVs will be shown, and discussion will be welcome.

10th November 2018

Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB

“My World of AV”

Howard will be showing some of his more recent AVs with some background into how they were made. He will also look at some specific aspects of AV production including sound editing and video production. Requests for specific areas to be addressed would be welcome.