WAVES Day 11th February 2017

15th March 2017
News Letter No. 85 and WAVES Day Saturday 11th February 2017

Review of meeting on February 11 2017

A Snowy Day put many of our more distant members of travelling so attendance was lower than usual which was a shame as Martin Fry is always a superb speaker. This day was no exception and in spite of the weather we were able to welcome two new members and two visitors. Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/b AV-EFIAP BPES APAGB Under the title of “A Cotswold Lad Returns” Martin took us through “A Journey from Artist to Excellence”. He started with “What England Means to Me” An emotive sequence of countryside and coastal pictures complete with church bells. The slow changes showing the magic of the third picture which is a feature of Martin’s work and which he emphasised to us at the end.

“Cousin Jack” is an old name for the Cornish miners who took their Cornish culture abroad when their local mines closed and the second sequence was their story. This was followed by sequences about the “Severn Bore” and “Cornish Love” – John Betjeman had a long love affair with Cornwall and is buried in the churchyard of St Enodocs Church on the edge of the sea. Martin talked about recording sound effects with your camera –record the sound effect as a video. It is then possible to remove the pictures and just use the sound.

We were told that 90% of an AV is visual; 5% sound and 5% the titles. Martin’s advice was to keep titles white (a shadow round them helps too) and that it is important to make a strong visual impact at the beginning of a sequence. Martin also explained how much easier it is today with digital photography and the AV programmes that are available. He emphasised the use of sound effects to set the mood of the sequence as well as the use of the variation in the loudness of the music.

An AV of “Slad Valley” showed that slow effects are good for going back to the past and transform in Photoshop can be used to line up archive material with modern (e.g. photos of a building taken several years apart). “Winters Gift” was another view of Slad Valley, and “This Special Place” was Martin’s use of visual impact to persuade local villagers that the church could be used to give the school the extra room the children needed.

A documentary called “Past Times” illustrated the need to get pace and variety into a sequence. When recording voice slow down a little and read through the script three times. Your voice will change and become more relaxes.

Martin Fry during his presentation

After lunch we started with the attendees sequences and Martin gave some very helpful critique to everyone.

1. Show Time by Sheila Haycox - An AV depicting shows that were performed on a Norway Cruise with the added element of daughter visiting Mum and being roped in to see Mum’s AV

2. Walton Common by Peter Rose - A photographic record of the flora and fauna of a year on the Nature Reserve.

3. Toeing the Line by Judith Sulley - As a former pupil of Ian Bateman from his days in Wantage, this is a sequence to mark the return of a national icon to the railway. However it was not the engine that became the lasting memory of the day.

4. Changing the Nets by Brenda Sparrow - This was a day of high winds in Brixham. The fishing boats couldn’t go out so maintenance was in order. Changing the nets was two hours of heavy, hard work.

5. Assemblage by Sheila Haycox - Putting together an assortment of images to blend and flow in colour for a short photo harmony.

Martin Fry then finished the afternoon off for us by telling us what we need for the AV-EFIAP - 20 sequences, 50 acceptances from 18 different salons in 10 different countries (but only 6 countries do it!), I’m sure we will all be having a go!!

Finally we concluded with three more AVs from Martin - The Loves I have which was the story of Barbara Hepworth, The Holy Brook – which runs through Slad Valley and The New Year, will rise up again.

An unforgettable day. Please come back soon Martin.

Don’t forget the challenge this year is an AV of less than 4 minutes. The choices are –Shakespeare; Weather or Photo Harmony. – No excuses with that selection.

And finally, due to clashes, THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON MAY 20TH 2017 (not the usual 13th)