25th November 2016
WAVES Day Saturday 12th November –
Newsletter No. 84

We started the day with a special AGM to amend the constitution of the Club.
After the poor attendance at the last AGM the committee noticed that the rules contained no mention of a quorum when potentially important decisions were being made.
Being aware of the distances some of our members travel the following proposal was put forward.

Clause 6 be amended to state the following:-
A quorum for the AGM shall be 50% of paid up members plus one. If there is no quorum (at the meeting) the minutes shall be sent out to all members who then have 14 days to object to any decisions made.
This resolution was carried with no objections.

Business dealt with we were delighted to welcome Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB as our speaker for the day. Howard is always a welcome visitor to WAVES and the attendance reflected that. We were happy to see several visitors and possible new members.

Howard started with
Remembrance A sequence about the Menin Gate services held daily since 1914.
This was followed by a Gaelic lament to a lost love
A true story about Ailein Duinn accompanied by some wonderful views of the Hebrides.

A sequence from Namibia was shown next with Howard taking the opportunity to distinguish between making AVs for pleasure and family as against Competition work.

Pilansburg National Park showed us a place for wildlife watchers and photographers. This was away from the usual safari parks.

Howard then dealt with the best way to insert video in a sequence. As it can be difficult and often doesn’t work it must contribute something positive to the sequence. We were also given useful tips on working around the problem of sounds embedded in the video where the camera automatically records them.

We followed this discussion with an AV about Mont Blanc
Howard likes his gadgets and we were allowed to study his Gopro camera and his drone. I have a feeling some Christmas present lists have been added to!

This was a morning full of entertainment and learning. Thank you Howard. We all hope you will be back soon..

After lunch we watched the attendees sequences and Howard added to the constructive comments.
If any new members are nervous about entering this please don’t be. We work at all different levels and comments are always helpful.

1 News 23/7 by Sheila Haycox
This is a spoof on News 24 in the hope of making a news item less serious than we usually see.

2 Requiem for the Fields by David Castle
A very emotive sequence about the fields taken over by solar panels and therefore lost to agriculture. Music composed by Joanna Castle

3 The Peace by David Castle
Mrs Beamish keeps her distance in church. Shaking hands is not for her.

4 The fallen by Ian Bateman.
A modern remembrance installation of miniature shrouded bodies blended with pictures of traditional poppy fields

5 Dismaland by John Long
During the summer of 2015, there was much speculation regarding the activities going on within the redundant swimming pool at Weston-super-Mare. Everything was secret! However in the Autumn it was announced that a Theme Park ha been created by BANKSY – the Street Artist. A website was created and crashed several times due to so many people wishing to get a ticket.
I eventually managed to get a ticket and still had to queue for a long time to get entrance. This is the story of my sequence , possibly not a creative, but a factual sequence about the “Bemusement Park” – as described by BANKSY in the leaflet.

6 A Highland Winter by Ann Owens
My first effort at putting together an AV after an 8 year gap, due to going to a “Mac”.
This is a simple Photo Harmony made with images from my archives. Still “a work in progress” but it is a start.

The next meeting is in February 2017 when Martin Fry will pay us a return visit.

Don’t forget the challenge this year is an AV of less than 4 minutes. The choices are – Shakespeare; Weather or Photo Harmony. – No excuses with that selection.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.
See you next year.

Brenda S.